All pipes are made with hand-stitched leather bags, plastic chanter reeds and composite drone reeds. All pipes are mouth-blown; I don’t offer bellows blown pipes. Timbers are maple or bubinga for the larger instruments (box and yew at extra cost) and bubinga or box for smallpipes. Other timbers sometimes available, generally at extra cost.

Bagpipes - Jim Parr

G pipes

"Pan-European" chanters, overblowing up to a fourth, largely chromatic with second thumb hole and with a variety of drone formats. Moderate volume, acceptable indoors and adequate outdoors.

Student G pipes Simple turning and quiet(ish) drone – a well-priced introduction to the wonderful world of bagpipes!

Shepherd pipes As above, but with a slightly more powerful drone with more pronounced bell flare, more visual and acoustic presence.

English style Two divergent rear facing drones (G and G’) in a common stock. Bell flares on both chanter and drones.

Breughel style Two upright drones.

(low) D pipes

This chanter has the same acoustic behaviour as the G chanters. The lower pitch gives a beautiful, slightly grave sound. There is no English version of these – too big and unwieldy. On the student and shepherd version you should note that the drone is lengthy and can sweep ornaments etc. off shelves! The Breughel style is very similar to the instrument in the well-known paintings.

(High) D and C pipes

These loud single drone pipes have a plastic-reeded chanter similar to a Spanish Gaita. The single drone is shorter and has a brighter sound. Excellent for outdoors, or where a lot of presence (i.e. volume!) is required.

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